Cartabia, justice reform is a great challenge but we will succeed

Belarus, thousands of migrants amassed at the Kuznika border (ANSA)

“We are well aware that the challenge is formidable but we believe we can do it”: Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia, on a visit to the USA, he reassured American investors about justice reform, which he called “the mother of all reforms”. Cartabia recalled that, according to an investigation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the main concern of the business community “is to arrive in Italy and be blocked for any reason in proceedings that last too many years”, with effects on the reputation of investors. “The question of time is also important for the victims of crimes whose complaints deserve rapid intervention within a reasonable time”, he added. The goal is to streamline processes that last an average of 7 and a half years in the civil and over 5 years in the criminal. “Too much”, he said, speaking of a “ball and chain” that “slows down the entire country to the detriment of our present socio-economic life and future generations”.

“It is time for changes, not to be afraid of making unpopular decisions or disturbing established habits. This is why the Draghi government is embarking on the reform program courageously, resolutely, pragmatically and collectively”: the minister also said, explaining the reforms of justice in the residence of the ambassador in Washington Mariangela Zappia in front of an audience of the US business community, attended by Italian and American journalists.


Source From: Ansa

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