“I think I carry the clearest project of rupture”, assures Eric Ciotti

Candidate for the LR nomination for the presidential election, Eric Ciotti can he pull out of the game and disrupt the three-way match seeming to oppose Valérie Pécresse, Xavier Bertrand, and Michel Barnier? During the first two televised debates between the candidates, the deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes was in any case distinguished, and remains popular among the militants. Invited Monday from Europe 1, he in any case assured “bring the clearest break project”.

While, according to him, “France is in a situation of immense difficulty”, “the time for a leap has come”, believes the candidate, for whom “only the Republican right can initiate this leap”. At the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk, the elected representative said he wanted to be the candidate who “cut the tap of lukewarm water”.

“I am the only one not to have voted Macron”

For Eric Ciotti, his candidacy is that of clarity, especially at the level of alliances. “I am the only one in this congress not to have voted Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election,” he recalls. “We can not draw up a statement of truth and then say that we will meet again”, he continues, claiming “a line of clarity”.

In 2017, when the candidacy of François Fillon faltered because of business, “I am the only one to have been at the Trocadéro” to support the former Prime Minister, Eric Ciotti said, “to defend the idea of ​​a reformist right “. And to conclude: “I think I fully assume a liberal project, reducing spending and taxes.”

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