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    Sascha Lobo complains about the “potato cabinet”

    Sascha Lobo, an author, journalist and strategy consultant, is known as a man of clear words. He found that on Wednesday evening in Sandra Maischberger’s talk show, who discussed the results of the coalition negotiations with her guests.

    Sascha Lobo was stunned when it came to filling the ministerial posts in the Greens. Diversity? Diversity? None of that. On the contrary.

    “I would like to quote my very esteemed colleague Robin Alexander, who yesterday or the day before yesterday spoke on Twitter of a ‘potato cabinet’, that is, such a pure white German cabinet. Indeed, he would find that “such an imposition, if in 2021 you are in a progressive coalition, as it is called somehow, especially from the green side, so completely German”: He would find it a catastrophe. That is how the FDP works roughly expected that one would be disappointed with the SPD – but one really resented the Greens, “and rightly so”.

    In the further course of the program, Lobo did not let the managing minister of transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) have a good hair either. When the coalition agreement was presented, the 46-year-old said he felt a collective sigh of relief, a nationwide sigh of relief. Why? Because, said Lobo with a smug, scornful undertone, – and he thinks he was speaking for Germany – because “it became clear to everyone: Andreas Scheuer will not be part of the next federal government.”

    Source From: Tagesspiegel


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