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Quirinale: center-left leader-group leader summit at 10.30

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Turin, flashmob for Gigi D'Agostino (ANSA)

The summit of the center-left on the Quirinale is scheduled for this morning at 10.30 in the Chamber: Enrico Letta, Giuseppe Conte and Roberto Speranza will be accompanied by the group leaders of the Democratic Party, the M5S and Leu. The meeting could be preceded by a meeting of only the three leaders.

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Read today should also return to meet Matteo Renzi, while Dem sources explain that he will see Matteo Salvini as soon as possible, as well as the other leaders of the center-right.

Yesterday, Silvio Berlusconi’s step back came to shuffle the cards, representing the start of a game that is played on an inclined plane. Keeping the Quirinale and the government together, this is the bet of Enrico Letta and also of Giuseppe Conte, which only by guaranteeing the continuation of the legislature can keep its parliamentary groups united.

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Several steps have yet to be completed, Matteo Salvini, who in the evening hears all the leaders of the center-left, will propose names for the center-right area in the next few hours. Inadmissible, for the Democratic Party: “We will not allow the assault on the Quirinale”, they feel very irritated by the Nazarene.

In parliamentary groups there are those who return to believe in the candidacy of Pier Ferdinando Casini and those who hope to screw up to Sergio Mattarella.

But Mario Draghi’s candidacy, the secretariats warn, is completely on the pitch, because any alternative name – especially if supported by a small majority – risks blowing up the government. And the Mattarella bis appears far away, it will only come in the face of an irreversible stalemate. Those who work for Draghi al Colle did not stand still, in the hours of waiting for Berlusconi’s announcement. The premier is silent and far from the palaces of politics, in his Città della Pieve. But the contacts are continuing, they are trying to build the ground for an agreement on the government.

The Knight’s hostility to Draghi’s move from Chigi to the Quirinale is considered surmountable. While it bodes well that neither Salvini nor Meloni veto the name of the Prime Minister. The claim, observes a Draghian, to run the government at any cost, whatever the outcome of the vote on the Quirinale, does not hold. If the majority splits on the name of the president (as it could happen on Casini, given the opposition from the departure especially of the M5s), the fall of the government would be automatic, as Draghi was the first to warn. But even going on as if nothing had happened, in a pre-election year, could hold up for a few weeks or months – more than one warns – but then all rush towards early elections, if, as probable, Draghi refuses to compromise with the party requests. The knot for Draghi, however, remains the premier and the formula of the new government. Because it is true that the team of ministers cannot be pre-packaged, but it is also true that the leaders ask for guarantees, of an executive with a stronger political imprint. Casini’s willingness to take the lead of the government would have been tested, unsuccessfully for now. Just as the names of Marta Cartabia (in strong rise in rumors), Vittorio Colao or Daniele Franco (who would not want to move to Palazzo Chigi) continue to not convince. The next forty-eight hours, underlines an M5s executive, will be decisive: the rupture cannot be excluded, but not even a broad agreement with the center-right, probably from the fourth vote.


Source From: Ansa

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