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> ANSA-TEMPO REAL / Quirinale: today he calls first, he will be ‘in the dark’

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The first day for the election of the thirteenth President of the Republic opens in the dark, and many will probably close. Starting at 15 in Montecitorio, the great voters will begin to vote, who have become 1008 after the death, last night, of the deputy Fi Enzo Fasano. The first election in the Covid era requires careful prevention measures: 50 votes at a time, a maximum of 200 people in the Chamber and for the infected there is a drive-in vote in the parking lot in Via della Missione.
But, despite the frenetic contacts and meetings scheduled for the morning, there is a stalemate between the parties and the indication of most of the groups for the first call, which foresees two thirds of the voters, will be to vote blank ballot. In the meantime, the leaders will seek the way out of the impasse while Prime Minister Mario Draghi returned to Rome early in the morning after a weekend in Città della Pieve. Draghi al Colle “could guarantee the path of the reforms; on the contrary, if he were not elected, his role as prime minister would be weakened”, says the Financial Time on the eve of the vote.

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There is expectation in the morning for the meeting between Enrico Letta and Matteo Salvini while at 11 another summit between Giuseppe Conte, Enrico Letta and Roberto Speranza should take place.
The big voters of IV have already decided on the white ballot and Fdi should also go in the same direction, gathering its members at 10.30. At 11 am, Action and + Europe will meet to decide “what proposal to make and what attitude to adopt in the first votes”.

At the same time, the secretary of the UDC Lorenzo Cesa summoned the great electors of his party and at 1.15 pm the assembly of the great electors of Forza Italia-Udc will be held. At 2 pm, then, the one of Coraggio Italia is scheduled.

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