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“Spread your legs” – recommends the Corona Minister

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With a curious slip of the tongue, the New Zealand minister to contain the corona pandemic, Chris Hipkins, caused a nationwide laugh. At a press conference, he said it was a challenge for citizens in densely populated areas to go out and “spread their legs” in the presence of others. A linguistic slip – the 42-year-old actually wanted to say “to stretch your feet”.

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The nearby chief of health, Ashley Bloomfield, raised his eyebrows in amusement and grinned openly.

Background: In English, the terms “to stretch your legs” and “to spread your legs” sound very similar.

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Hipkins noticed the mistake during the press conference and said at the end that he would now stretch his legs – the media would surely make fun of him soon.

The lapse quickly spread in the Pacific country on social networks. Under the hashtag #SpreadYourLegs, thousands of New Zealanders posted jokes about the breakdown and photos of them spreading their legs.

A company in Auckland was already selling a coffee mug with the slip of the tongue and the face of Chris Hipkins. (dpa)

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