Zanetti, for Venice, a tough trip but a new beginning

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(ANSA) – VENICE, 11 FEB – “Tomorrow will be a new beginning. Torino is a strong team, which tears you to pieces and gets very high, without letting you leave the area. It will be a difficult away match for us, but Serie A this is it, we play history, many already saw us dead in January, and instead we are here and we fight, we must have faith “. This is how Paolo Zanetti, the Venezia coach on the eve of the match against the grenade, ‘titled’ tomorrow’s match.

That with Toro will be a race that comes after months of a terrible calendar: “It was a week of good work, I recovered the positives at Covid, we can get closer to the typical team – says Zanetti -. A difficult cycle to say the least is over. calendar has exposed our defects, putting a strain on psychological strength, but we have to find enthusiasm. Up front there are 45 points to be won in 15 games, the games are all still open. If we have the qualities to stay in Serie A, we must see now “.

To stay in the top flight you need to have more conviction: “As long as I’m here on the pitch, where I can record, we will fight until the last second. We have to remove the mental limits, during the match against Napoli there were episodes in which we had to keep hit on the contrast, be more concrete and aggressive “.

The problem is still the attack: “The numbers say that we are safe for goals scored, but we are the worst attack in the league.

We produce little – he admits -, we are not very incisive, we serve the attackers badly. If we serve them well, see Ampadu’s cross to Henry against Inter, we score goals. There is little quality on the trocar, little capacity for expression, I hope Nani will give us a hand, because if not, at most we will even get to the point, which is why we are constantly looking to raise the offensive numbers “. (ANSA).

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