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Maradona, lawsuit filed by ex-Cuban girlfriend

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(ANSA) – BUENOS AIRES, 03 MAR – The Argentine federal judge Daniel Rafecas has decided to close a complaint, for alleged trafficking in persons and other crimes, filed against the former footballer Diego Armando Maradona by his ex Cuban girlfriend , Mavys Álvarez Rego. This was reported by the Buenos Aires newspaper.

The magistrate decided to close the investigation concerning Maradona since he died in 2020. The same has done for some members of his entourage, considering that the alleged crimes mentioned, after 20 years, had now lapsed. In her order Rafecas explained that the crimes were mainly committed by Maradona, with a secondary participation of her collaborators, between November 9, 2001 and January 19, 2002, a period in which the woman made a trip to Argentina.

In some testimonies, last year Mavys Álvarez indicated that she had met Maradona when she was in a clinic in Havana for drug detoxification therapy. At the time she was 16 and the former footballer around 40.

Among the accusations, she had also cited a rape suffered once in the Cuban capital and the fact that she was forced to undergo, while still a minor and without the consent required of her parents, to cosmetic surgery for an augmentation of the breasts. Dissatisfied with the judge’s decision, the Cuban’s defense lawyer announced an appeal.


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Source: Ansa

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