Udinese: Cioffi, we can annoy everyone

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(ANSA) – UDINE, MARCH 18 – “If we always have the conviction to bring certain attitudes onto the pitch, such as approach, mentality, resilience, will and, consequently, play, we are a team that can annoy everyone”. Gabriele Cioffi says it to Udinese TV cameras, on the eve of the trip to Naples.

“We come from a performance defined as excellent by everyone and also on our part – he added – The rigor is defined as absurd and, on the one hand, I am pleased but, on the other, no, because this is not the approach I want. . We must respect and accept, with serenity, the decision of the referee who is a human element of the game and does a very difficult job with great responsibility and pressure. What we said to ourselves is that we must accept and respect the decisions taken without any alibi or desire for revenge. What I expect is the great will to return from Naples with some points that are fundamental for us with a view to salvation “.

To stop the Azzurri, the coach hopes to repeat the recent test at San Siro: “We will have to try to be as perfect as possible in the reading of the moments that will be fundamental, in an aggressive defensive phase and in a proactive offensive.

All this, knowing that we will find a very hot environment: Naples is famous for the boundless passion for its team which is beautiful and, moreover, we will face one of the most fit teams in the league, of the top the most fit. Furthermore, it is a field where Udinese have not won since 2011 and have not drawn since 2013.

We will have to be good at bringing luck from ours. Since the De Laurentiis era, Napoli has changed exponentially, they are built to win and have a winning mentality. In fact, not only do they have players to win, but De Laurentiis has brought to Naples the most successful coaches like Benitez, Ancelotti and Sarri whom I define as a revolutionary. Now there is Spalletti who is a great coach with experience to sell. It will be a very important test because they, if taken high, have depth, if expected they have dribbling qualities, therefore we should be at the top, and even more, on everything “. (ANSA).

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