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why England is (still) passionate about the song “It’s Coming Home”

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It’s a tune that returns regularly in the spring, as cyclical as England’s encouraging but incomplete performances in major international competitions of the World Cup and the Euro. Although odd, this year 2021 is no exception to the rule: as the Three Lions progress in this tournament, the fervor resumes on the other side of the Channel and the speakers spit out the same song: It’s Coming Home, the unofficial anthem of the English selection for 25 years.

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It is also no coincidence that Europe 1 already told you about it in 2018, when the Three Lions had climbed to the semi-finals of the Russian World Cup. At the start, however, Gareth Southgate was not yet wearing the coach’s suit, but the England jersey and shorts. In 1996, the Euro is organized in this country and two actors have the idea of ​​creating a song to celebrate “the coming home” (“it’s coming home”) of football, thirty years after the victory in the World Cup and more than a century after the codification of this sport.

Renaissance in 2018

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At home, the English lost in the semifinals against Germany (1-1, 6 tab to 5), with a missed shot from… Gareth Southgate. Regardless, the musical success of It’s Coming Home is there and the singers decide to play the same song for 1998, before the World Cup in France. A way to encourage the Three Lions while emphasizing their propensity to fail to win in major competitions. And while the Blues achieve a perfect course, England is eliminated in the round of 16.

The song then falls back into anonymity, before resurfacing twenty years later, for the 2018 World Cup, with a nice run stopped dead by Croatia in the semi-finals. Never mind, the English are delighted to rediscover this unofficial anthem reinterpreted by orchestras, celebrities or the supporters themselves.

Wembley, great scene

Bis repeated this year, with the added bonus of many Three Lions matches played in England. This is how we saw the English supporters take back It’s Coming Home after the victory against Germany, a historical rival, in the round of 16.

There is no doubt that this now famous refrain should resonate at Wembley on Wednesday night for the long-awaited match against Denmark. And with 60,000 spectators in the stadium, the sound effect should be even more impressive than in previous matches. What to guide the English Lions to the end, this time?

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