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Trial against Italy: nurseries, clubs, ideas, the accusation

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Covid, Rezza:

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 25 – The Italy of Mancini, European champion, danced only one summer, a happy island in a tormented journey made up of two consecutive absences from the world championships. Back then, it wasn’t all the fault of the inexperienced Ventura, scapegoat for the 2018 flop. Italian football must reset itself again. From the clubs to the federation, from the technicians to the players, from the agents to the nurseries, many are the subjects involved.

From Bearzot onwards, the coaches have often preferred to sink with the loyalists rather than arrange a replacement. Mancini had fewer reasons to do so, just a few months after the European Championship won. However, the team spirit seems to have dissolved.

– LITTLE COURAGEOUS TECHNICIANS: There are the big names (Sarri, Mourinho, Allegri), the experts in the predicate of winning (Pioli, Spalletti, Inzaghi, Gasperini), the gifted young people (Italian, Dionisi, Tudor), but the difference with the Premier and Liga matches is abysmal.

– EGOIST CLUBS: too many roosters in a chicken coop without a balance of vision and interests between adults and children. Better to share some bones than to plan to grow. Postponing a round to help Mancini was rejected. And the huge sums lost in two years due to covid are not enough to justify this short-sightedness.

– FIGC: the task of president Gravina called to manage the national team is difficult, often conflicting with the interests of the clubs. Changing the rules, reforming the leagues and reducing the number of teams in Serie A is a project that continues to be uphill.

– NURSERIES AND PROSECUTORS: the Primavera teams are full of foreigners. They cost less, they are taken ‘wholesale’, they procure substantial brokerage income. The mocking result, however, is that they also lose by not promoting Italian players. Abroad (Barcelona teaches) it works differently. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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