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Catania: Court, purchase offer for Catania lapsed

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(ANSA) – CATANIA, APRIL 08 – “The bankruptcy trustees have communicated to the Fc Catania 1946 srl” of the entrepreneur Benedetto Mancini “the forfeiture for non-fulfillment of the obligation of full payment of the consideration”. This was announced by the Court of the Etna capital after the investigations carried out on the offer to acquire the characteristic branch of the Calcio Catania Spa company, declared bankrupt in December 2021.

The trustees, also informs the Court, “have notified the FIGC and the Lega Pro, requesting, where possible, an extraordinary financial intervention or contribution from the Lega Pro, to such an extent as to allow it to combine the interest in the regular continuation of the current championship with the interests of the bankruptcy procedure “. Finally, the bankruptcy trustees were instructed to present a “report to the Court of Catania” on the “permanence of the economicð financial conditions for maintaining the provisional exercise of the characteristic branch of the company” which expires on April 19.

The sale, set by the three trustees appointed by the Bankruptcy section of the Court, includes “multi-year rights to the performances of the players; structure and organization of the youth sector; tangible fixed assets; clothing, store merchandise, plates, cups and trophies; two registered trademarks”. The sporting title, which cannot be transferred to third parties, but can only be attributed by the FIGC to a different company in the presence of the requisites required by federal regulations, is not part of the procedure. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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