Swimming: Pellegrini, ‘I’m getting married at the end of August in Venice’

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(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 08 – Federica Pellegrini, guest for the first time on TV together with her boyfriend Matteo Giunta on Sunday at ‘Verissimo’ on Canale 5, reveals the couple’s wedding date in an interview that will be broadcast on the course of the broadcast, and of which an anticipation has been given today.

“We will get married towards the end of August. And we will do it in my hometown, Venice – says the Olympian from Beijing 2008 -. I did not think that organizing a wedding was so complicated, but we are at a good point”. And she adds: “We can’t wait for it to happen: we want to crown our story and start a new journey together”.

And to Silvia Toffanin who asks her about the day of the proposal, the Olympic champion remembers: “It was a moment that I will never forget. I did not expect the proposal to arrive so quickly, I thought that after my retirement from the competitions Matteo would spend more time “.

The one between Federica and Matteo is a love story born by the pool. Pellegrini, in fact, chose Giunta as his coach in 2014. “We have been together for almost four years now, but ours has been a journey full of emotions – he says -, first only sports, only afterwards did the feelings take over”.

And he tells of the choice to formalize their love live from Tokyo: “it was exciting. After the last Olympic competition I decided to free ourselves and to reveal this secret of Pulcinella.

Now we’re living it all out in the open, and it’s beautiful. “


Source: Ansa

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