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The stickers end up at auction, there is also Pizzaballa

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In Italy 30 thousand small companies at risk of usury (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 21 – Over the years they have fed the nursery rhyme of “I have it, I have it, I miss it …”, and colored the days of children from all over the world, now they end up at auction : the rarest and most fascinating stickers will be sold on the Aste Bolaffi website which, on 12 May, will present a catalog with over 224 lots: just connect to the website www.astebolaffi.it and submit an offer. Over 70% of the catalog consists of Panini stickers, to which are added cards printed by other Italian publishing houses, almost all of which have disappeared over time, including Lampo, Imperia, Nannina and Edis. In the football chapter all the salient phases of Roberto Baggio’s career are represented, including the ‘legendary’ Baggio-Monelli in 1985.

Not just a card in his rookie year, but the almost unobtainable double uncut ‘error’ version in which Edis’ sensational mistake, i.e. the inversion of the names of the players (with the unaware colleague striker Paolo Monelli), is in nice view (lot 95, base € 1,000). Many other stickers accompany her, including those of Paolo Rossi, Maldini, Vieri, Inzaghi, Totti. Among the lots of Maradona, the specimen in which he wears the Argentinos Juniors 1979 shirt (base 500 euros) should be noted; among those of Pele, the appearance of him in the Mexico ’70 card starts at 200 euros).

The stickers that have entered the history of Panini are the first ever printed, the Bruno Bolchi from the 1961/62 footballers’ album (from 75 euros) and the legendary Pizzaballa: the unobtainable Atalanta goalkeeper from the 1963/64 collection, chimera of the Panini mancoliste par excellence (lot 56, base 200 euros). Among the top lots of the other sports we highlight Ayrton Senna’s rookie year card on Toleman 1984, very rare, also because it is the only Panini figurine screen-printed on transparent plasticized paper (lot 193, base 1,500 euros), the rookie one by Gino Bartali from 1935 in excellent condition (lot 180, base 500 euros) and that of Cassius Clay from 1966, (lot 170, base 300 euros). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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