Verona is linked to Trastevere, ‘we will work on young people’

A cake of 2,775 candles for Rome, Thursday 21 April (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 21 – Verona joins Trastevere.

In fact, on the day of Rome’s Christmas a close collaboration relationship was born between the Venetian club that plays in Seie A and the third team of the Capital currently third in group F of Serie D and which in recent years has repeatedly touched on promotion to C. E in one case, at the end of last season, he also had to renounce the repechage in the third series due to the lack, apart from the Olympic stadium, of a system approved for C in the entire metropolitan area of ​​Rome.

The scouting and exchange agreement with Hellas gialloblù (“a collaboration that vehicles players from Trastevere to Verona but also from Verona to Trastevere”, let the club of the district know) is an important step forward for the club of president Pier Luigi Betturri, who also looks beyond the Roman borders while maintaining his own identity.

According to the director of Trastevere, Ettore Placidi, “we officially kick off this new collaboration, we also get to know each other in person with the Hellas working group and for us it is a very important moment. It will be an open collaboration with a particular eye towards the youth sector, on which the club has always focused and continues to focus a lot “. This is echoed by Luca Monese, affiliations manager and scouting area of ​​the Scala club, for whom “the aspect of growth is fundamental for those who collaborate with us. Hellas is carving out an important space for itself over the years, not only in terms of first team but also with regard to young people. We want to be present in the area and help those who believe in us and our philosophy as much as possible. With Trastevere we are in line with the idea of ​​growth of the boys, we want to give them greater opportunities to be seen “. The coordinator of the basic activity of Hellas Verona, Daniele Cristofori, on the other hand, underlines the ability of the two clubs to train young people ready to take the big leap. “Between us and Trastevere – he says – there are points in common, we have been able to build elements that have then landed among the professionals, and also Trastevere has given perspectives to its boys. For us it is a wonderful opportunity”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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