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Football: Calcaneus, growth decree is a damage

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In the first quarter less pensions, for women -35% of the amount (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 28 – “The solution of the problems of Italian football cannot be further postponed by continuing to demagogy and indicating that the problem is always another one, a sentence that has the sole objective of not solving any of them”: thus , in a note, the president of the Italian footballers’ association, Umberto Calcagno.

“The abuse of the Growth Decree is evident to everyone and is a damage for Italian football – he added – It was only needed for the champions but the reality is different. It was to be repealed, then a ceiling was asked. even the roof is good. Before the problem was the big teams, now it’s the small ones “.

For Calcagno, “intervening on the Growth Decree will not solve all the problems, but we must start somewhere. We cannot complain that young people do not grow, that there are no candidates for the national team and then support the incentive to register players. foreigners. If you do not want to solve the problems, say it clearly – he concluded – without continuing to argue that ‘the problem is always another’ “.


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Source: Ansa

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