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Women’s soccer: Pellegrini “professionalism is the beginning of a new era”

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Ukraine: missiles on Lviv, traffic blocked on the border with Poland (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 03 – “It represents the beginning of a new era for those like me who have made their sport a reason for living”. Federica Pellegrini, guest of SUPERTELE on Dazn, commented on the green light to professionalism in women’s football. “I hope it can become a hotbed that brings dignity to women’s work and to sport for us women. I hope that many sports can do the same, this is the future” added the Italian swimming champion.

As a Juventus fan she also talks about Serie A at the final rush: “For how the season began, I can be satisfied with the Juventus championship. I attended Juventus-Inter this season which, apart from the unfortunate result, was a wonderful match . As a sportswoman I like to see battles on the pitch. ” Alex Del Piero’s return to society? “It would be a dream for all the fans, but I don’t know how much it can help Allegri’s team. But it would certainly be a dream.”


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Source: Ansa

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