Messi punishes Guardiola on his first big night in Paris

Messi he is already the king of Paris. The Argentine star became the main protagonist of PSG’s victory (2-0) against him Manchester City in an anticipated final to the second day of Champions League. The Parisian team was not superior to the team led by Pep Guardiola but it was more effective, as shown by the goals of Gueye and a Messi who brought joy to the stands of the Parc des Princes with a goal, the first with his new team, that is history.

Moment of Champions for two of the great favorites and in their eleven, few jokes considering what was to come. Mauricio Pochettino, with his big three at full capacity on the physical plane, he gave them the keys to the game … as long as Guardiola’s gamers allowed it. Mahrez, De Bruyne, Sterling o Grealish with quality they contrasted with the incomparable – theoretical – punch of PSG, all on paper, before the opening whistle in the 2,000 million game.

Far from an initial score before imposing a style, PSG would hit first and through an unknown in the scoring league. Idrissa Gana Gueye he sent a loose ball into the net with a whiplash in the area. Neymar asked for it with impudence and impatience but, when he saw the shot from his teammate, a midfielder working and traveling, he was fully satisfied while the 1-0 went to the scoreboard.

The tactical arrangement of the PSG left, as initial positions, Messi as a false nine, near a Neymar lying on the left. Mbappé, the remaining element, would try to give depth from the right wing, possibly the one that is the worst suited to its possibilities. Truth be told, none of the three showed up very successfully during the first 45 minutes, largely because the City He prevailed and his stay on the balcony of the rival area lasted longer than desired.

However, the set of Manchester He did not find the goal in the first half, although he had one of the clearest in recent months. Bernardo Silva, after a header before the crossbar of the goal of Donnarumma, He could not score at an almost empty goal and a scarce meter from the goal line. The City was left without so much and could remain without De Bruyne, who inflicted a criminal, albeit involuntary, stomp on Gueye before the break. Del Cerro Grande left him in yellow, without the VAR complaining about the decision.

Messi appears for the first time

The second half brought similar sensations to the first, with City dominating and besieging a Donnarumma who endured with honors and was making merits for a hypothetical MVP, standing at De Bruyne included. Meanwhile, PSG waited for its moment of glory on the counter, and this was going to arrive after the 74th minute, with a counter that is already in the history of the capital team.

Messi started in a delayed position, but advantageous given the shortage of defenders of the Manchester City. With a clear path, the ’30’ scanned the horizon and saw the unmarking of Mbappé, in theory aimed at breaking up but which ended up being supportive of the great idea of ​​the French. A slight, subtle high heel, but enough to leave his partner alone on the edge of the area. We had already seen the rest, but not with this shirt. Leo scored and the stadium fell. Ici c´est Messi.

The remaining minutes were too uphill for a Manchester City who did not find the key to break the fabric of a PSG that takes the first duel of the new rich of the Champions League waiting for insults in later instances that can mean much more to both of you. And the best thing, for the French, is that Messi already thrashes with the blue shirt.

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