Life as a Champion: Amato, ‘Sport testimony of union’

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 07 – “Sport should be a testimony of union, not necessarily between states at war, but between people who have the right to join in sports beyond citizenship”. Giuliano Amato, President of the Constitutional Court, said this at the talk ‘Life as a champion’, which kicked off a series of meetings between institutional figures and champions of various sports disciplines that will be held at WeSportUP in the Foro Italico Park, at Tennis Internationals of Rome 2022. “Sport is the best health supplement at my age, as well as a way to live well together while respecting the rules. And the ideal sport for the elderly has been shown to be tennis”, he said. added the jurist, who confronted the former tennis player Filippo Volandri, captain of the blue team of the Davis Cup.

“In a very complicated historical moment, sport is proving to be a great lesson”, says the former Livorno tennis player. Giuseppe Gibilisco, former pole vault champion, intervened quoting Nelson Mandela, “who said that sport manages to unite everyone, we see it in the third half of rugby. Doing sport does not mean becoming champions, but respecting the rules and of the opponent: if you do it you are a champion in everyday life. Improving the sporting condition in Southern Italy? If we want we can do it, I found many rubber walls, but sport helps me to persevere “. Vito Cozzoli, head of Sport and Health (promoter of the event), added: “Today is an important opportunity to address two issues such as high-level sport and grassroots sport. Seeing the Internationals finally with the public are something. extraordinary: I got excited seeing the children at the Foro Italico “. The meeting was moderated by Roberto Arditti, Formiche Editorial Director; the project was born from the collaboration between Fit, Sport e Salute and Kratesis. (HANDLE).

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