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Mihajlovic, ‘the referee whistled an inexplicable penalty’

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 08 – “We had the strength to react, we overturned it and we had the game in hand. Then there was this penalty that does not convince me: the referee refereed well, he let it go however he whistled this penalty which I cannot understand. Medel first touches the ball then touches the opponent’s foot. Then the Var confirmed his choice “.

From the microphones of Dazn Sinisa Mihajlovic, who has just returned to the Bologna bench, vents his anger at the defeat against Venice and the way it arrived.

“And then – he adds – it is strange that the referee on the triple whistle went immediately to the locker room, almost running away. In a certain sense he had a guilty conscience. I’m sorry, because in any case if we lost it is our fault, but these penalties (that 3-3, scored by Aramu, at 33 ‘ndr) should not blow the whistle. It is inexplicable, it always happens to us. The referee ruined his performance, the referee. This goal made us nervous, and we sorry for the people who came. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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