The public returns to 100% in football stadiums

Carolina Darias, Minister of Health, confirmed earlier this Wednesday that there is a unanimous agreement in the inter-territorial health council to raise 100% capacity allowed in football stadiums and 80% in indoor basketball or handball halls.

In statements upon arrival at the control session at the Congress, Darias He explained that there is an agreement in the council to expand the presence of the public in sports venues, leaving behind the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Specifically, the idea is to allow the return of the public to one hundred percent in open football stadiums, while in closed venues, which would affect basketball, handball and other sports, that maximum would remain at 80%.

All of this has specified Darias, complying with the traditional pharmacological measures: put on a mask and prohibition of smoking and eating in the enclosures. The measure will take effect from October 1, so that in the Athletic-Barcelona this weekend there may already be full capacity in the Metropolitan

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