Sara Carbonero is sincere like never before in her most intimate interview: separation, present, rumors …

Sara carbonero He acknowledges that a lot has changed. Perhaps your illness has made you able to really care about the important things in your life. The sports journalist, who has been in the news after her separation from Iker Casillas months ago, insists that she is at a time when she does not care what they think of her, because she is dedicated to being happy and she is achieving it.

He is finally “calm”, as he recounted in a most personal interview with Harper’s Bazaar for their October issue. «I am the owner of my life and I will do to be well. Nothing you enjoy today is guaranteed for tomorrow. When you accept and assume that everything is passing by, you live calmer, calm comes to you », says Sara Carbonero in the aforementioned magazine.

«I have learned that nothing can be controlled, no matter how much we want to spend our lives controlling everything. Life changes from one day to the next, you are here today, not tomorrow. Now I live the moments with great intensity, I have learned to pay attention to the signals of my body, to the people who contribute to you and to see those who do not, when they take away your energy a little, when they add you … But I am not worried about Absolute for the image that I project, it does not obsess me. Not anymore ”, continues the sports journalist.

The communicator stars in news in the pink press for her relationship with Kiki Morente after separating from Casillas. He does not go fully into the matter, but he does leave a brushstroke: «I am happy, I am meeting a lot of people, I am having a good time, I am enjoying it. It has been an atypical summer, I have tried to fill myself with the good and with people who make me feel good ».

And he delves into the separation with Iker Casillas as never before: «There are moments in a person’s life that are already complicated enough that neither your image nor its management belong to you. That is part of my life and I get along very well, except when they get into very, very personal issues. The same thing happened to me with the separation, I took it very naturally. The news passes quickly, tomorrow there is already talk of something else, what does it matter, the important thing is the personal process that you are living. What I have suffered the worst is the suffering, not mine, but that of what I love most in the world, my family; the fear… I wanted everything to settle down and go well, which is how it is marching. The positive has been that, that everything continues, everything is going well ».

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