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Car: Civm returns to Calabria with the Silvio Molinaro Trophy

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Blue flags rise to 210, 14 new locations (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 11 – The “Silvio Molinaro” Trophy 26th Luzzi Sambucina is the third seasonal appointment of the Italian Hill Climb Championship, which from May 13 to 15 brings the highest ACI Sport tricolor series to the province of Cosenza with the competition organized by Tebe Racing and waiting in the characteristic center.

A race synonymous with its territory, as will be seen through the images in live streaming and live on ACI Sport TV (228 Sky), which lives within the municipality of Cosenza, which becomes a paddock for the motoring weekend, with full favor of the inhabitants but above all of the local Municipal Administration. The public will return in the 2022 edition, finally once again a great protagonist of the Calabrian race regains possession of the embankments that line the track.

It starts on Friday 13th with the verification operations and the checks of the documents for the 194 registered competitors, which will be held at the Municipal Delegation of Contrada Cavoni.

Saturday 14, from 9 the two reconnaissance heats of the track, which Sunday 15 will be the scene of the challenges between the contenders to the CIVM, the Italian South Mountain Speed ​​Trophy and the Italian “Le Bicilindriche” Salita e Pista Championship. Two timed climbs over 6.15 km, for a vertical drop of 420 m on an average gradient of 6.83%. Race direction entrusted to Rosario Moselli with the added Carmine Capezzera and Fioravanti Perri.

Once again, all the elements are in place to ensure sky-high entertainment and competitive spirit in the third round with the ACI Sport Italian top flight.

Simone Faggioli arrives in Calabria as Leader on the official Norma M20 FC Zytek, with which the multiple Florentine Champion of the Best Lap, who won in Luzzi in 2021, has so far won in Fasano and obtained a second place in the rain of Sarnano and who could aim for the record of 3’06 “15 achieved by the absent opponent Merli in 2018. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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