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    The takeover of Red Star by an American investment fund outrages supporters

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    Cyrille de la Morinerie
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    9:49 p.m., May 13, 2022

    The third division football club, the Red Star was bought by an American investment fund, called Triple Seven Partnership. This decision revolts the supporters of this historic club, with communist history, from the city of Saint-Ouen. Patrice Haddad, club president, says new buyers will respect the club’s identity.

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    It is a redemption that has caused a lot of ink to flow. The third division football club, the Red Star, has passed into the hands of an American investment fund based in Miami, thousands of kilometers from Saint-Ouen in Seine-Saint-Denis. This historic club was founded in 1897. Several personalities from sport, culture and politics signed a column in the newspaper this Friday The world, and in particular Jean-Luc Mélenchon, to call for action against this sale. In Saint-Ouen, the supporters are not thrilled by the arrival of the American fund.

    “They are there to make money on the back of the club”

    The most diehard Red Star fans would have preferred a French buyer. For Yassine, son of the owner of the “Olympic” bar, Red Star HQ, the takeover of a communist club is a cultural revolution that goes wrong: “It’s super contradictory. That’s why we are not super hot for their coming. An investment fund, they don’t know anything about football. They are there to make money on the back of the club. That’s not Red Star,” said he at the microphone of Europe 1.

    “Who would have the malice to destroy 125 years of heritage?”

    On the side of the club, we deny having sold our soul to the devil. With this sale estimated at more than 15 million euros, the objective is to have the means to develop the Red Star while maintaining its identity. “Who would have the malice to destroy 125 years of heritage? A heritage that is social and educational from a club like Red Star? Certainly not the new owner who perceived the singularity of this club”, affirms Patrice Haddad, president of the club, at the microphone of Europe 1.

    But tonight, in the stands, the Red Star Bauer collective should show its dissatisfaction. Supporters have just launched a petition asking to have the sale blocked. They even call on the legislative power to have this transfer to this American fund called Triple Seven Partnership canceled.

    Source: Europe1

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