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Cagliari one step away from B but depends on Salernitana’s result

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(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, MAY 16 – Cagliari one step away from B: now he is the number one suspect to keep company with the already relegated Venice and Genoa. The calculation is soon done: Agostini’s team can now run the race only on the Salernitana. But the Campania players are at +2 and play at home against Udinese in the last league. The motivations of the grenades are very strong, those of the bianconeri much less: Deulofeu and his teammates are already safe for a while. Cagliari can only be saved under two conditions: they must absolutely win in Venice. And hope that Salernitana does not win with Udinese. In the event of a tie on points (success of Cagliari in the lagoon and equal of Nicola all’Arechi’s team) the best goal difference of the rossoblùs would be rewarded.

The two teams are equal in head-to-head matches both in terms of results and number of goals: one to one in Sardinia, the same as last week in Salerno. At that point, another criterion must be used: precisely the goals made and those suffered. Cagliari scored 34 goals, half of those conceded, 68. So it’s minus 34. Salernitana has instead scored 33 goals and conceded 74: it’s minus 41. The two games will be played simultaneously: Cagliari can’t just do his (and that is to win), but he has to wait for good news from Campania. Logic and statistics in such situations condemn Cagliari: not winning with Udinese for Salernitana would be like throwing away all the efforts made in the last month to go back from last to fourth from last.

Agostini and captain Joao Pedro guaranteed yesterday: we will try to the last. But the fans seem quite resigned.

And yesterday Sky revealed that Giulini, challenged once again by the curve in the Cagliari-Inter final, would also have considered the idea of ​​giving space to new investors.

It is difficult to understand if these are real or proper negotiations or a possible outpouring of the president for the disappointment of a year clearly below expectations. The rumor had also circulated during the season. But Giulini has so far always denied it. Everything will be clearer after Venice-Cagliari. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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