Nicola: “We can capture an incredible dream”

L'Aquila, the funeral of little Tommaso in the church (ANSA)

(ANSA) – SALERNO, 21 MAY – “We can get to the last game and capture an incredible dream”. This was stated by Davide Nicola, coach of Salernitana, presenting the challenge-salvation against Udinese at a press conference. “This is a story that starts from here, from 7%”, said the coach from Campania, showing the shirt that showed the salvation percentages of Salernitana that were given upon his arrival.

“My president and my director, when they contacted me, said ‘we want to believe it, it will be worth it’.

And I felt the same thrills, because the challenge was so incredible and motivating that I didn’t think about it for a second. Then came the first game and I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of these people and the spirit of my boys. I explained to them what it meant to face a path of this kind “, added Nicola for whom” as Paulo Coelho said, it is nice to think that when you long for something the whole universe plots so that you can achieve it, naturally accepting the possibility of be disappointed because this is part of the path “.

For the technician “seven percent was a leap into the void, so you have to have the courage to do it. The only margin of salvation, in these cases, is the ability to convince yourself that you can fly. That was the difference. And. we have done everything to get this far. I honestly don’t know how we will land from this leap into the void but I know that this 7% was all we always believed in and we will continue to believe until the end “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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