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Golden Gala returns to Rome, Jacobs: ‘Great appointment

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Milan, for the players there is a party and then an open bus ride around the city (ANSA)

The Golden Gala returns to the Olimpico and the appointment is one of those with a red circle on the calendar.
From Marcell Jacobs to Gianmarco Tamberi, passing through Massimo Stano, Antonella Palmisano, Lorenzo Patta, Fausto Desalu and Filippo Tortu, or all seven Tokyo Olympic gold medals, will be present in Rome on June 9th.
But it doesn’t end there: the Tokyo 2020 Olympic champions will be 15, plus another 17 silver and bronze medals for a total of 32 medalists last summer who will compete in the 42nd edition of the Golden Gala.
“It is a great appointment, after the World Cup it is the most important of the year”, underlined Marcell Jacobs on the day of the press conference to present the event. Day that also allowed Marcell to discover some of his opponents in Rome in the 100 meters. “For now they have an advantage over everyone in the direct clashes, let’s try to stay like that”, said the sprinter from Desenzano, speaking of Bracy, Bromell, Kerley, King, Su and Young-. The first goal, however, will be to return to find the best form after the virus that hit him in Kenya and that made him lose his brilliance in Savona despite the victory. “Rome has entered my heart – continued the blue sprinter – I want to give back the beauty of this city”. The stage will be one that counts and “I am really excited to go to a stadium like this. It is a home of great champions and it is an honor to be associated with these great names”.
Meanwhile, one of the jerseys with which he competed in Tokyo has been posted in the tunnel leading to the Olimpico track, near Usain Bolt’s. “It is a great honor to be able to put seven Olympic champions inside the Olympic stadium – the comment of the president of FIDAL, Stefano Mei -. Returning here is wonderful because the Roman public has always shown appreciation and attachment to the Golden Gala”.
Over 160 countries will be connected and there are already eleven thousand tickets sold two weeks after the event. “Last year’s Golden Gala in Florence was a taste, this year the main dish will arrive” assured Mei.
The general secretary of Coni, Carlo Mornati, also agrees. “We are happy to have this heritage, it gives a sense of the centrality of sport – said Mornati – which has recently changed hands. Having a Golden Gala like this is essential for an Olympic committee like ours, which is proud to grow with the federations “.
A reflection on which the CEO of Sport and Health, Diego Nepi, has also placed his accent. “Jacobs is like all those champions who have had the merit of acting as a springboard for their sport – in his words -. Through his exploits the basic practice of athletics in our country can reach very high levels” .

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Source: Ansa

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