Football: Aic; # Nonènormale, Calcagno on the facts of Avellino

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 24 – The events in Avellino, where on May 4 a player was forced by his fans to undress after the home defeat against Foggia because he was deemed unworthy to wear the colors of the club, “must be condemned and opposed : 114 episodes, analyzed by the Report ‘Footballers under fire AIC’ in the last 2 seasons, are really too many “. The president of Aic, Umberto Calcagno, commented on the images of the video surveillance systems that have now made it possible to identify those responsible.

“Violence and verbal threats (26% occur in the new ‘square’: social networks) and physical threats that affect the individual athlete (75%), especially in professional championships (79%). A worrying cultural phenomenon, often linked to episodes of racism (42%) that we must all fight together “added Calcagno.

“Defeat and victory are an integral part of the culture of sport. Every ‘sportsman’, fan or athlete knows it.

This is the logic of any sport: losing is normal. It is part of the game – added the AIC president – What we must not get used to considering ‘normal’, however, is the aggression against a player. With the ‘guilt’ of having lost, doing their job. Tolerating these behaviors means losing sight of the values ​​of sport.

Every fan has the right to rejoice in the victories of their team, as well as to express disappointment at the defeats.

Any bitterness, however, cannot cross the boundary of respect for the person. Being a footballer doesn’t mean having to get used to threats, insults and even less aggression. “


Source: Ansa

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