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    Paralympic: agreement signed between CIP and Mexican Committee

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    Monza, peddling in the woods: 'stopped' by the anti-drug dog (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – ROME, JUN 01 – The Italian Paralympic Committee and the Mexican Paralympic Committee have signed a cooperation agreement: the two bodies, represented by presidents Luca Pancalli and Liliana Suarez Carreon, will promote the exchange of points of view on issues of interest joint, will encourage the participation of athletes in bilateral and multilateral competitions, joint training, the exchange of officials, coaches, judges, experts and scientists and their participation in seminars, courses and internships. In addition, of course, to work to preserve the peace-promoting mission and the ethical and moral values ​​of Paralympic sport.

    “I am convinced that it is important to promote the consolidation of relations between the two Paralympic committees – said Pancalli -, because I believe that relations between the two countries are consolidated not only through commercial exchanges but also by placing people at the center of Italian and Mexican policies. , and identifying paths that guarantee the rights of active citizenship “. The Minister for Disabilities Erika Stefani adds: “The objective of this day allows our peoples to get to know each other and to broaden their knowledge”. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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