Transfer market: goodbye Pogba-United, Juventus closer

2 June, Mattarella attends the changing of the guard (ANSA)

In small steps, with due caution, the transfer market is approaching the hottest season. And it does so with a wealth of desires, dreams and ambitions, but above all without excessive demands. The world is full of zero parameters, or of players pushing to change shirts, so here are the most skilled managers who are ready to get their hands on the champion at no cost.
Three greats of Italian football, Milan, Inter and Juventus, are asking each other: the Rossoneri club has just changed owners, so it must redesign its strategies and choose the goals on which to focus. The most immediate seems to be the Romanist ZANIOLO, until some time ago in orbit Juve and then dropped out. For its part, the Juventus club is waiting for Angel OF MARIAwhich has now left the PSGand Paul POGBAwhose farewell to Manchester was made official by the ‘Red Devils’ themselves.
And Inter? DZEKO it could sensationally leave, on Romelu’s intentions LUKAKU there are no doubts. The Belgian wants to return to Milan and, in this regard, has also reached an agreement with his old-new company. Now it will be up to Chelsea to decide: the deal must be closed by June 30 to take advantage of the benefits of the growth decree. The player would come on loan and agree on a 7.5 million contract. The eventual, probable arrival of Lukaku could wreck that of DYBALAalso in stand-by and projected towards Rome.
Napoli wants DEULOFEU, Udinese wants at least 25 million and not the 13 offered by sports director Giuntoli. Atletico Madrid had also asked for news of the Spanish winger. Federico BERNARDESCHI it is more than a goal. Rome chapter: Henrikh MKHITARYAN he has not yet decided whether to move to Inter. Jordan should also leave the capital VERETOUTwhich Milan likes, and Amadou DIAWARA, ready to land in the Bundesliga. Gonzalo VILLAR seems destined to return from Spain and then to say goodbye again.
Speaking of Spain, Valencia are about to announce the signing of Rino GATTUSO for the bench. The site of the daily Marca writes it, citing the official radio of the bat club. The broadcaster talks about a meeting underway in Singapore – to plan the future team – between the same coach and local entrepreneur Peter Lim, major shareholder of Valencia. Gattuso would take the place of José Bordalás, who has not completed his two-year contract on the bench and to whom the club will have to pay compensation of 700,000 euros for the termination of the relationship. In turn, Gattuso is about to sign a two-year contract. Torino wants to convince Cagliari to give up JOAO PEDROwhose price tag was valued at 15 million last summer, would now cost half as much.
The future of BELOTTI.
Meanwhile, Venezia have announced that they have consensually terminated the contract with coach Paolo Zanetti, who is about to move to Empoli, therefore destined to remain in Serie A. Returning to Spain, the divorce between Gareth is official. BALE and Real Madrid. It was the Welsh joker himself who communicated it, with a message on social media. In 2013, when he moved to Real from Tottenham, Bale became the most expensive purchase in football history: the deal forced the Spanish club to pay 100 million euros. Also ISCO officially leaves the ‘Casa Blanca’.

Source: Ansa

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