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Norris warns Alonso and Sainz of the problems they will have in 2022

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The adaptation of Fernando Alonso Formula 1 after two years of absence has not been as fast as I expected. Nor has it been easy for pilots who have changed teams, as is the case with Carlos Sainz, fit your new car. Something similar will all experience next season, when the rule change takes effect. So he has predicted Lando Norris after testing the car of 2022 in the simulator.

As the McLaren driver warned in Motorsport: “It is a very different car when it comes to driving. In a way it’s not as nice as this season. I think it will be the same for all teams ”. However, after this first impression, Lando Norris preferred not to be alarmist: “We will see, there is no point in trying to think that it is incredible or that it is terrible. You just have to do the best job possible and hopefully next season we will go to the preseason tests with a good car ”.

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On the other hand, the British wanted to emphasize that the car of McLaren Looking ahead to 2022 it is still in an early stage of manufacture: “The only car we have seen is the Silverstone one. The car we have at the factory is not even a car. It’s a drawing and some paper”.

I don’t think we’ll see it for many months, maybe until next year.. We have seen some of the drawings and designs for the next season, but every week something new and different happens because there are so many different things. Every week it’s easier to make changes and make them faster and faster ”, he added. Lando Norris.

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2022 and the importance of the simulator

With the retirement of Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso will be the oldest driver on the grid next season. Asked if that is something that could play in his favor, the Spaniard pointed out: “I don’t think there is any difference. I sincerely believe that it will depend more on the performance of our cars and the work in the simulator, from work in the winter tests ”, said the Spaniard.

“If after three or four races we all have the maximum of the car and the regulations enough to be fair, the performance of the car will dictate the results you get, as we see now ”, he continued.

“So in terms of adaptation, I don’t think there is going to be a big difference. It’s just hard work, or harder than any other winter, because we will have to spend a little more time in the simulator and together with the team”, It ended Fernando Alonso.

Alonso, Sainz and the cars of 2022

Next season’s cars will be characterized by low downforce, 18-inch tires and ground effect, which will allow the cars to be followed more closely so that more overtaking can be seen. “With it you will see closer battles and more wheel-to-wheel races. The combined effect of the new aerodynamic regulation and financial rules, in the form of a cost cap, will create the conditions for a more balanced championship and for the gaps to be closed on the grid”Said Ross Brawn, Formula 1 sports director, on the day of its presentation.

Carlos Sainz, for his part, commented: “I like how aggressive it is, in addition to the rear wing. It seems simpler, I hope it improves the races ”. Fernando Alonso also spoke about it: “I like it, it’s futuristic. I hope it allows us to fight closera”.

Like Lando Norris, Leclerc, Carlos Sainz’s teammate at Ferrari, declared: “We have already tested it in the simulator and it is a completely different car when it comes to driving it”. In the same vein as the Monegasque, Max Verstappen added: “It is interesting, very different from what we are used to, and the most important thing is that it allows for tighter races ”. Finally, Lewis Hamilton warned: “It is a huge challengeIt will be amazing for the fans if it allows the cars to follow closely. “

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