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Gattuso at Valencia, ‘I am massacred, it is surreal to have to defend myself’

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 09 – “It is surreal that I have to defend myself against certain accusations”. Rino Gattuso arrives in Valencia, introduces himself, and apart from the questions about tradition, passion, tactics, he deals above all with the theme of the fans against, accused of racism, anti-feminism, homophobia and even of being sick.

“I’ve been standing still for a year, and according to my logic it wasn’t right to talk, and I don’t use social networks – says the Italian coach – But I was massacred. But I’m ready to answer point by point”.

“Women: fifteen years ago, when there was no politically correct, I talked about Barbara Berlusconi replacing Galliani – her words – and I said that it seemed difficult for a 28-year-old girl to do better than a 25-year-old executive of experience “. As for racism, according to Gattuso, everything was born from a question about the ‘buu’ in Boateng in a friendly match between Milan and Pro Patria: “I was training Sion, they asked me and I said that they were four idiots and in my opinion we shouldn’t give them weight. I come from the South, I have taken all kinds of insults, I have coached Koulibaly, Boateng, Bakayoko, I have three black people on my staff. I am not racist in any way, I even find it surreal to have to justify myself “.

Finally, the disease: “I have suffered for 12 years from ocular myasthenia, an autoimmune disease: but it does not prevent me in any way from training, indeed many write to me to ask how I can cope with stress … I think I am a example. That I can’t work for this, honestly, is bullshit … “(ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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