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Jacobs tricolor in 10 “12, but Kerley warns him

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There are ‘warnings’ from overseas, but Marcell Jacobs goes his own way because “I’ve never left”.

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The Tokyo 100-meter Olympian, returning after a 38-day stop due to a muscle injury of the past weeks, won the race for the fifth time. Absolute Italian Championshipsthis time at the Guidobaldi in Rieti.

The time of 10 “12 is not one that excites, especially when compared to those obtained by the American sprinters at the Trials, such as Fred Kerley’s 9 “76 which is the sixth best performance ever, but Jacobs had the wind against him. And we know that Eugene’s Hayward Field track works wonders and Marcell hopes to do them from July 15 onwards, when the World Cup and he plans to leave Kerley and the others behind, just like in Tokyo.

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“Yes, the Americans at the Trials went strong – Jacobs’ words – but in Eugene there is a very fast track, it always goes fast, and they also had the wind in favor. When we are there, we will also try to assert ourselves” . Having said that Jacobs will also do well to take note of the results of the Jamaican championships, where Yohan Blake has returned to being ‘The Beast’ by winning in 9 “85 (wind +1.0), his best result since 2012 ahead of the 21-year-old Oblique Seville ( 9 “88), the new protégé of coach Glen Mills, in Rieti the final was more close than expected.

With 10 “12 (-0.9) the Olympian of the Fiamme Oro had to push to the last meter to get the better of an increasingly surprising Chituru Ali (10” 16), able to leave behind the two Olympic champions of the relay Filippo Tortu (third in 10 “24) e Lorenzo Patta (fourth in 10 “28).

“For me it is a bit complicated period but in three weeks Eugene’s World Championship will take place and I will try to win back everything like last year”, Jacobs commented after the race. Who if he looks at the weather in Rieti does not think positively in view of the World Cup in Eugene (15-24 July), but must take into account the consequences of the long period of inactivity.

Not surprisingly, its action appeared a bit woody, as if it lacked agility. “But the important thing was to be there – Marcell commented -, because I need to compete. The time does not satisfy me, but the sensations, especially in the final, were decent, I have tried positive ones. I don’t get used to certain rhythms, I looked for the best set-up and found it only partly because in training I had to do everything at a low pace. Plus the wind didn’t help. Now I’m going to Stockholm where I will try to push 100%, and in the meantime I have once again honored the Italian championship and this fifth consecutive success makes me proud “.

Source: Ansa

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