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Padel: together with the boom there is also the record of injuries

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(ANSA) – ROME, June 27 – “Along with the Padel boom, there is also the record of injuries caused by epicondylitis, bursitis and tendonitis. And there are more and more cases of people who present these types of problems following of an incorrect approach to padel, the sport of the moment “. This is said by Dr. Andrea Grasso, orthopedist and traumatologist of the Consulcesi Club group who is involved in training doctors and health professionals on a variety of pathologies that concern muscles and joints. “His success – reflects Grasso – probably lies in the fact that he is considered much more as a ‘game’ rather than a sport as tennis, more demanding from a physical and mental point of view, can be perceived”.

Played in a smaller field than its ancestor, the peculiar couple sport attracts people of any age but with a greater prevalence in the 30-55 age group and, as the doctor continues, “even people who have never done anything particular, neither a tennis base nor above all a muscle strengthening base, or exercises aimed at a correct biomechanics of gestures “.

“Compared to tennis where most of the hits occur from below, below 90 degrees, therefore under the shoulder which is thus exploited relatively, in padel you often go with your hand and arms above shoulder height, thus exposing tendons and ligaments of this to important overloads “, explains the orthopedist.

They range from inflammation of the tendons and subacromial bursa, to the so-called ‘tennis elbow’ (epicondylitis) up to sprained ankle and knee injuries, caused by the sudden and short changes of direction that sport requires in the reduced synthetic field.

Born in the 70s in Mexico, padel (or paddle) is now spreading with surprising speed in Italy, reaching mind-boggling numbers. Suffice it to say that in 2019 the FIT members were just under 6 thousand while in 2021 the Federation already counted over 55 thousand. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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