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Mancini, I have no alternatives, I have to look for young people

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(ANSA) – ROME, June 28 – “Unfortunately we do not have many alternatives, and we must quickly look for young people who may not be well known at the moment or do not play at a very high level, but they have quality and I hope they will be useful in a short time to the national team, and also to many club teams “.

Speaking connected in video during “Marche Excellence in comparison” by LGI Sotto le Stelle from Piazzale della Vittoria in Macerata, the blue coach Roberto Mancini takes stock of the national team and the many young people he has tried in the Nations League matches. “We have seen many guys – says Mancini – and many are also good but have no experience, some still play at a youth level, they lack the ability to play with older people to improve.

But we try to see the qualities immediately, then we work on the physical ones. “And from the point of view of behavior?” These guys are all good – replies the coach -, they can do some bullshit but then when they start at a high level they understand that you have to be serious, and that they have to commit, because being a footballer you can always improve, even at 30, there are enormous margins. Our team have a great future, and when they had the chance to play they showed him, like Zaniolo “Then Mancini explains why he did not want to leave the Italian bench after failing to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.

“When you won a European championship and an extraordinary year and a half winning almost always …. – he says – Then there was bad luck, negative situations all together at the same time. Now I have this chance to be able to do it again, we have four important years , even if no one knows if we will win the European Championships or the World Cup in 2026 “. “In Spain or England they have been playing in the first team for three years and this makes the difference – he adds – I could have fielded the Europeans against Germany, but they were very tired, and then I would not have had the opportunity to see the young players. Germany there. she was superior above all in ball possession, but if you go and see they made 19 shots and we made 16. But they shot the goal better. ” (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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