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Referees: Trentalange, aim to speak the same language

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(ANSA) – ROME, 02 JUL – “The goal is to all speak the same language and have the same objectives, sharing them with others”: the president of The Hague, Alfredo Trentalange, comments on the definition of the technical staff of the referees who have seen the reconfirmation of Gianluca Rocchi as designator of the Can and that of Maurizio Ciampi as the one for Can C.

“This is an important day because the new and reconfirmed technical bodies fully assume and with great responsibility what will be the course of the next season – the words of the referees No. 1 -. There have been some changes and we have an analysis of what can be done better We wish to extend a big thank you to all who have worked.

We consider it extremely important that the technical bodies work as a team “.

Trentalange underlined that “it will be a complicated and anomalous season, but we are sure that The Hague is in the hands of qualified people. We are a team in which we try, each in their own competence, to give confidence to the boys. We know we are trainers, as well as than selectors, and therefore that we all have a great responsibility. The future is made up of sharing. We must be united and all follow the same guidelines, from Orsato who will represent us at the World Cup to the referee of the last course. To be researchers you need to study , train, open channels of communication and have an impeccable behavior. On the pitch you have to go free, with a clear mind, following the instructions of your Technical Body “, he concluded. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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