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Sport and Health with the Irti Foundation for re-education in prisoners

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(ANSA) – ROME, 07 JUL – Sport as a re-educational tool.

Signed at the Olympic stadium in Rome, the agreement between Sport and Health Spa and the Nicola Irti Foundation, with the aim of improving the psycho-physical well-being of prisoners, increasing the sports and training offer in prisons with a program entrusted to technicians and qualified coaches, to make the penitentiary institutes autonomous in sporting activities through the creation of training courses and the provision of structures. The conference ‘Re-educating-Sport as a tool for dialogue’ was held on these issues, opened by the speech of the president and CEO of Sport and Health, Vito Cozzoli. “The community is based on people and sport has an extraordinary ability to promote community. We want to promote a model of society in which sport is a real social and civil protection for all, regardless of age, economic and social conditions. Sport it is a fundamental tool for the reintegration of prisoners. We are relaunching our territorial model, because we must intercept social discomfort. Public policies cannot stop at the walls of prisons and recreational activities, including sport, are one of the pillars of re-education of the condemned. Re-educating with sport is not meant to be a slogan, but a real opportunity “. In 2021 Sport and Health with the DAP had signed a protocol with the aim of ‘taking’ a photograph of the sporting activity in prison and from a joint work together with the DAP an idea was born enhanced by prof. Urged to strengthen sports actions and promotions in the prisons of Lazio and Abruzzo. “With Cozzoli we immediately traced the lines of our collaboration – explains Irti, president of the homonymous foundation – The state condemns, but it is the state that has to re-educate. Only the obligation to re-educate can justify the power to punish a convict by the State. Sport is rules and freedom together. “

Conclusions entrusted to Carlo Renoldi, head of the DAP. “Re-education is not like solidarity, it is not good-natured altruism. Re-education as a precise commitment of the State”.


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Source: Ansa

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