There is an initiative of 3 deputies to enhance the Football Museum

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 11 – “Today, during which is the 40th anniversary of Italy’s victory at the World Cup in Spain in 82, it is our intention to present to all the colleagues of the Culture Committee of the Chamber, after having informed the President Vittoria Casa, a resolution that gives prominence to the Football Museum (located at the federal technical center of Coverciano) and that gives impetus to the cultural mission for which the Museum itself was established “. This was declared by the deputies of the Culture Committee of the Chamber, Andrea Rossi (Pd), Simone Valente (Ipf) and Nicola Provenza (M5s).

“The enhancement of the historical, cultural and social implications of sport can find an important driving force in the Football Museum. The history of football in particular inevitably crosses decisive pages for our country and can be particularly attractive for the youngest. making sense to create the conditions to enhance the Football Museum and make it a tool for a connection with schools and cultural associations can represent a turning point in the construction of a new cultural logic linked to the history of the game of football.

We want to do it on this very day to celebrate the most important and symbolic event for Italian football such as the victory of 82 “, conclude the three deputies. (ANSA).

Source: Ansa

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