In Coverciano off to the course for the referee

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 11 – The new course for the ‘Manager in charge of referees’, organized by the Technical Sector of the FIGC and The Hague, was inaugurated in the ‘Mario Valitutti’ conference room of the Football Museum in Coverciano. After the first course, held between April and May, dedicated to this figure who is increasingly establishing himself within the prof. Clubs, also for this second edition the training program includes 56 hours of lessons that will take place in two symbolic places of the Italian football such as Coverciano and the Var Center in Lissone.

This morning the lessons started with two exceptional teachers in the chair such as the president and vice president of The Hague, Alfredo Trentalange and Duccio Baglioni. This first week’s program ends tomorrow, when the head of the technical sector in The Hague, Matteo Trefoloni, will speak. Below is the complete list of all the students admitted to follow the course: Matteo Angiò, Luca Azzarelli, Angelo Bruno, Fabio Cardella, Orlando Cassisi, Cosimo Cataldo, Pierluigi D’Agostini, Luca De Simone, Salvatore Dibenedetto, Nico La Posta , Daniele Meli, Giuseppe Mercadante, Alessandro Pietropaolo, Edoardo Piovani, Michele Pizzi, Gunther Plank, Edoardo Rivola, Cristofaro Andrea Russo, Luca Sbranti, Massimiliano Sirchia, Matteo Stagno, Alberto Vallefuoco, Stefano Viola, Giovannicola Virgilio and Fabio Vittori. (HANDLE).

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