The watch stolen in Leclerc has been identified in Spain

It would have been a gang of three thieves of Neapolitan origins who stole, last April, a precious and personalized wristwatch from the Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, victim of the theft with tear in the dock of Viareggio. The newspaper Il Mattino writes it today, referring to investigations carried out by investigators from the Neapolitan police headquarters.

The criminals are said to be ‘specialists’ in away shots, but on this occasion they would have discovered only after the theft that they could not easily place the Richard Mille watch, handmade and bearing Leclerc’s signature reproduced by way of silk-screen printing on the case. Precisely this element would have forced them to ‘sell off’ the piece: the hypothesis, not confirmed, is that it was sold to a Spanish entrepreneur for a tenth of its value, about 200 thousand euros. The three criminals are currently still free, pending further developments in the investigation.

Source: Ansa

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