Police check in Milan footballer, the video goes viral

It is causing a lot of comments and controversy on the web, a video that has gone viral in which some Milanese policemen are seen checking two people in the street with guns drawn. One of these is Tiémoué Bakayoko, a Milan player, with the intervention that immediately ended when his identity emerged. Some users have argued over the work of the agents, also accusing them of “racism”, or on the contrary, of “giving up everything” as soon as they discovered that the searched was a footballer.

“These are out of place comments – they explain at the police station – the check was triggered because Bakayoko and the other passenger corresponded perfectly, by chance, to the descriptions, and obviously ended when it was realized that a person who was not there was stopped. entered “. According to what was specified by the State Police, in fact, the previous night there had been fights, even with firearms (later revealed not with a pistol) between foreigners, and we were looking for a dark SUV with two men on board, one of the two colored with a green shirt.

Corresponding to the alert, at 6 am the following morning, last July 3, the Volanti carried out the check and, since it was a report that followed an episode with possible firearms, the agents operated with guns in hand. The Milan Police Headquarters would have already clarified the matter also with the Rossoneri club.

Source: Ansa

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