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Farewell to Ottavio Cinquanta, he was a IOC member for 20 years

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 18 – The world of sport is in mourning for the death of Ottavio Cinquanta, for twenty years (from 1996 to 2016) he was a member of the IOC. Born on 15 August 1938 in Rome, with a degree in economics, he was a company manager in the chemical sector. After practicing track and field, he turned to ice hockey and then speed skating. Already in the early 1970s he embarked on a sports managerial career. President of the Technical Committee (1973-1980) then Vice President of the Italian Ice Sports Federation (1984-1988); international referee designated in numerous editions of the world championships and Winter Olympic Games.

He was a member and President of the Technical Committee of the International Skating Union (ISU) (1975-1992); member (1975-1992), Vice-President (1992-1994) then President (1994-2016) of the same International Skating Federation (ISU) of which he has remained Honorary President since 2016.

He was a member of the International Olympic Committee, in the International Federation, from 1996 to 2016 (and as such a Member of the CONI National Council and Council). He took part in the IOC Executive Committee as a representative of the International Winter Federation (2000-2008) and was a member of numerous commissions within the international committee, coordinating numerous editions of the Winter Games.

His management of the International Federation was responsible for the introduction of the Short Track in the Olympic program and the reform of the judges’ evaluations in figure skating.

The President of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, ordered a minute of silence in the Executive and in the National Council, and expressed his deep condolences to the family, also on behalf of all Italian sport, for the loss of a great manager who gave much to the development of sporting practice and prestige in the international field. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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