Lazio: Romagnoli, my life’s dream come true

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 18 – “The dream of when I was a child has come true: I didn’t want to play in Serie A but in Lazio. It is the greatest emotion of my life”. This is how a radiant Alessio Romagnoli makes his debut in the first official interview released to Lazio Style Channel, the official channel of the club of which he is a huge fan. Wearing the shirt number 13, the number that belonged to Alessandro Nesta, for the former Milan is the fulfillment of an ancient desire: “I think that Nesta was the strongest defender of all time, no one will ever be like him, for that reason. he did to Lazio and Milan. I wore his number in the Rossoneri and I have the honor of doing it here. I will give my best. “

The defender also remembers his first time at the Olimpico, in 2000, the year of the Scudetto: “My father is a fan and he often took me there, even my grandmother to whom I was very attached was from Lazio. I was because I hadn’t found the ticket, but it remains one of the best days ever “. Romagnoli then reveals a nice secret about all the times he crossed Lazio as an opponent at the Olimpico: “When I entered the field, I put my sweatshirt over my nose and sang the anthem”. Then he tells of the warmth shown by the new teammates to make him come: “Immobile massacred me with phone calls – laughs Alessio – He called me every day, even Cataldi. Hearing the teammates who write to you and want you, as well as the declarations of love from the fans , it was impossible not to accept “. The years spent at Milan are fondly remembered by Romagnoli (“I saw that the club was growing and that we could win something”), but every time he played against Lazio he talked to Tare: “I always said I wanted to play for Lazio, but I didn’t want to let too many years go by. Now I have a fairly serious problem with groin, I think it’s right to give one hundred percent, indeed much more for my club. ” (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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