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Juve-Barcelona luxury test, dreaming of the Super League

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It will be a taste of the Champions League, or maybe even the Super League. Because Juventus and Barcelona have dreamed of, and still continue to do so, a different competition than the one organized by UEFA, despite all the controversies that have followed in recent months. Bianconeri and Blaugrana have always been among the main supporters of this football revolution, which has encountered many obstacles and fierce criticism, while on the pitch they will find opponents on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be played at 2.30 (Italian time) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, and the Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, is very curious to see where his team is.
Against the Mexicans of Deportivo Guadalajara it was a sort of ‘appetizer’, while now the first course of a certain level arrives: the Spaniards in fact represent one of the big names in the world, despite the fact that in the last period they have shown many difficulties. Second place in La Liga and elimination from the Champions League groups, no trophy and many disappointments: last year’s path for Barcelona is very similar to that of Juve. And for both teams begins what must be the season of redemption, at home and in Europe.
“It will be a friendly match, but it is always exciting to play against the best in the world,” said Wojciech Szczesny during the march towards the event. Now two world-class players have also landed among the Bianconeri: “Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria are two highly experienced players who have joined us and many young people can only learn from them – explains the Pole to Sky – and beyond. they have an incredible quality in this and their contribution on the pitch will be important, I really hope they can help us. ” The Frenchman, however, needs a few days of rest: in the past few hours he has suffered from knee pain, a problem that does not worry the Juventus medical staff anyway. Allegri, however, can include Leonardo Bonucci and Dusan Vlahovic, who remained at rest against Chivas just like Weston McKennie, who in the first friendly match only embraced his compatriots from the bench. The Serbian is looking for the first goals of the new season and is refining the agreement with Di Maria, pending the return of Federico Chiesa, which is expected not before September. The match against the Catalans will also be an opportunity to see some of the young players from the first team on the pitch. Fagioli for example, the renewal of which continues to be discussed in these days, which he impressed very well during the first match against the Mexicans and which many imagine as a possible graft in the Juventus midfield next to the other young Miretti, already seen in the last few matches from last season.
With Barcelona the technical level of the opponent will rise, against Real Madrid the grand finale of the tour in America, on July 31 (at 4 Italian time): Juve wants to end with a flourish and take away some satisfaction against the big players in Europe .

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