Waterpolo: Waterpolo Cup, Setterosa and Settebello in Sassari

(ANSA) – SASSARI, 26 JUL – The Waterpolo Sardinia Cup 2022 lands in the municipal plant of Sassari which for the occasion gets a makeover to host the event. From 3 to 10 August the Setterosa and Settebello will be in the water, returning from the World Championships in Hungary where they obtained a fourth and a second place respectively. Two formations still in full swing because the European Championships in Split are approaching (27 August – 10 September) and above all the men in these days are very concentrated in France (in Strasbourg) for the final rush of the World League, a competition they have never won and that after the success, coincidentally on Serbia, sees them projected into the semifinals.

The athletes coached by Carlo Silipo will find themselves facing those Netherlands that snatched the bronze from Italy in the world final played in Budapest.

The first days were the protagonists of the athletes from Hungary, Spain, Greece and Israel. In the last three days, instead, the men trained by Alessandro Campagna will be protagonists who will compete with three strong Balkan representatives: Greece, Croatia, Serbia.

“I believe that here in Sassari there are all the characteristics to achieve great success – underlined during the presentation Fabio Conti, Technical and organizational coordinator of the national sector – also because the world of swimming pools has faced a really bad time and tournaments of this caliber. they must be seen as a further way of resisting and relaunching the sector “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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