Dabbur leaves the national team of Israel amid controversy

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, JULY 27 – “Greetings to everyone. I want to announce that I have decided to leave the national team of Israel.

I thank all those who supported me “: with these few words on Instagram the striker Moanes Dabbur, who plays in Germany for TSG Hoffenheim, announced that he will no longer wear the blue shirt of the Israeli team. Dabbur (30), an Arab citizen of Israel, he has played for the national team for the past eight years, playing 40 games with it, scoring 15 goals.

According to the press, at the origin of his bitterness there is the hostile attitude of a part of the Jewish supporters who systematically overwhelmed him with boos after that in May 2021 – following riots on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – he quoted on Facebook a verse from the Koran: “Do not think that Allah is ignorant of those who commit wickedness, but he awaits the day of judgment”. Since then, Dabbur has been the subject of attacks from the Israeli nationalist right.

“It is sad that Dabbur is leaving the national team, only for having dared to express his views,” commented left-wing parliamentarian Gaby Lasky. “This is a victory of hatred and racism. We hope that in the future the national team will become a symbol of solidarity between Arabs and Jews, as it should be”.

The far-right MP Itamar Ben Gvir is happy instead: “Whoever speaks out against our police officers and our soldiers – he tweeted – is unworthy to wear the jersey of our national team”. (ANSAmed).

Source: Ansa

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