Turin: Vagnati-Juric quarrel, for social ring scenes

(ANSA) – WAIDRING, JUL 28 – Turin tries to restart after the storm: the Vagnati-Juric dispute has gone around the world and on social media we talk about nothing else. The team is about to conclude the withdrawal in Waidring, in Austria, while fans and well-known faces are unleashed in the reactions of the following day. And the heated confrontation between the technician and the dt, separated with difficulty from the team manager, Marco Pellegri, in the Kuhotel parking lot, was transformed into a boxing match with various photomontages.

“Vagnati is crazy, arguing with Juric is one of the riskiest things a human being can do” the irony of another user on Twitter. And a message from Mauro Berruto, former volleyball coach and well-known grenade fan also arrived: “I know you’re still there somewhere: come on Toro, that’s enough. Go home.” In the meantime, reactions are still awaited from the president, Urbano Cairo, while the director Vagnati presented himself to Sky’s microphones yesterday evening to throw water on the fire. The overwhelming majority of the fans, however, have decided which side to take: the trust is all for the coach Juric, while there is great discontent even inside the square for a market that continues to remain stuck at the post. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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