Football: Bari; De Laurentiis, now more time to sell a club

(ANSA) – BARI, 29 JUL – “Bari has an important appeal: if opportunities arrive, we will see and seize the best.

We will not sell Bari to those who do not deserve or do not lead the club on an important path. “This is what the president of Bari, Luigi De Laurentiis said, commenting on the modification to the rule of article 16-bis of the Noif made by the FIGC by intervening to the presentation of the new team jerseys at the Corato headquarters of the main sponsor Casillo. “What we saw and read yesterday regarding the reactions to the sentence of the FIGC – he adds – is endemic to the particular historical moment we are living, especially on social platforms, where it is widespread habit of shouting a conspiracy. I’m sorry, but it’s part of human nature, I’m aware of it “.” What essentially happened yesterday – he reports – is a return to the situation that existed upon our arrival in Bari, with the difference that instead of having an unlimited time , we were given more years, more time for the sale of one of the two companies (Bari and Naples, Filmauro club, ed) “.” The sword of Damocles of the limit of ’24 (to overcome timeshare, ed), he ran the risk – he added – of attracting the attention of any entrepreneur, rogue or intelligent, who could have taken advantage of the situation.

Offers for now? Nothing at all “.

Then De Laurentiis explained the future plans, “from now on, what we can do as a group is to make a strategy to build a better, stronger, more important Bari”. “What I can tell the fans is that we have no intention of losing money in Serie B, we are entrepreneurs and this will not be our path. We are looking for – he concludes – a center forward, of course, an element that can help us play a important championship “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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