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    Tebas, desperate for hearings and Movistar’s downward offer

    This year Javier Tebas must present a new agreement for the centralized sale of the League’s rights in Spain. The president of the League is nervous because more than a third of the people who in 2018 paid religiously to watch football no longer do so. No Messi, no Ramos or any world superstar on the horizon, the value of the competition that has been in force since 2013 has plummeted.

    The numbers don’t lie. Of the 3.7 million people who had contracted football when the previous centralized sale was signed 2.4 million remained at the end of last season. This is a fall of more than 36% and the most worrying thing is that both Movistar and Orange have noticed it in their portfolios to the point that they promote that they have integrated other platforms such as HBO or Netflix is ​​more of a priority than advertising football.

    The result is that of the 3.9 million clients that Movistar owns, only half –It does not reach two million– pay to watch football on the platform. On the other hand, Orange, the second largest football operator in Spain after the resignation of Vodafone, he only gets 75% of his 675,000 customers to pay for a League of Tebas that later gives very poor audiences unless Real Madrid or Barcelona play.

    Such is the crisis that Spanish football is experiencing in terms of audiences which is the only one of the four major European League that in the 2019-20 season – still with Messi and Ramos – lost audience compared to the previous year, falling 15% year-on-year with an average of 259,432 viewers per game.

    The Premier grew by 9% in the same period to register an average of 875,095 spectators per game, while the Bundesliga (596,695) and Serie A (473,312), thanks to the emergence of Dazn – much cheaper than the 150 euros that costs on average in Movistar–, grew 19% and 189%, respectively.

    Tebas is offered to other platforms

    Thebes is attentive to all these movements and your goal is give a present to platforms like Netflix or Amazon some parties to be able to refloat audiences that are simply very poor. The president of the League wants to re-float its competition by taking out the rooms from Movistar and OrangeBut now the threat of a Mediapro that has serious credibility problems – after being scared in France – and treasury after requesting a government loan does not exist as in other times.

    The contract that sustains the dominance of Thebes over 39 of the 42 First Division clubs is more at risk than ever. The goal of achieving 980 million euros per season – which was signed last time – seems more than unlikely and within the League they manage to achieve 800 million as a victory. No one will be surprised that the president of the League blames Florentino Pérez and the Super League of a bad economic agreement for ‘generating turbulence to the competition’ when it is increasingly evident that the product that sells is of less interest to all those involved.

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