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Black Lives Matter, Premier kneels but not always

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(ANSA) – LONDON, AUGUST 03 – Premier League footballers will no longer kneel before matches as a sign of solidarity with the ‘BlackLivesMatter’ movement and against racism. The decision was announced on the Premier’s website at the end of a meeting they took at the end of a meeting attended by the captains of the 20 league teams. It is also specified that “this gesture will be made only on the occasion of certain specific matches”. All this because we do not want to risk ‘inflating’ a message which, instead, is rich in meaning. To support this theory also some footballers, according to which the gesture was losing its impact.

The Premier League has specified that it supports the captains ‘decision and carries forward anti-racist messages as part of its “No Room for Racism” campaign, words that now appear on the sleeves of players’ shirts.

So now it’s been decided that, rather than every game, Premier League players will get on their knees in the opening round of the tournament this weekend, and then before October’s “No Room for Racism” days and March. The captains have made it known that the 22 on the pitch will kneel, before kick-off, even before the ‘Boxing Day’ matches in Santo Stefano, on the last day of the season and before the FA Cup and League Cup finals. .


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Source: Ansa

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